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NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor # 383667; Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider; graduate 6-day High-Risk Medic specialty. Trained by military/civilian/OPOTA. AHA-certified, privately insured. Decorated frontline Corpsman with Marine infantry squad, Afghanistan. Medical Assistant & AHA Life-Support Instructor; OPOTA-certified for armed security; Schooled in federal, state and local Emergency Management; Valor-Earned Bronze Star while combat-wounded; Purple Heart. Navy/Marine and civilian EMT-Trained as first provider; Licensed BLS Instructor; Specialize in Acute-Trauma Care; Adroit in phlebotomy, radiography and patient assessment. Skilled in assisting during/after minor surgeries and triage. Critical-care skill tested literally under fire & taught in class.
Reasons To Hire

Bronze-Star w/ valor
Purple Heart, Afghan War
BLS-Instructor certified
Rec. by cops/fire/EMT
Insured, Ohio FF2
Hospital affiliated
TCCC triage-chart

Personal Info
Name Jack Crowley
Address 655 Metro Place S STE 600, Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone 614.753.0206


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Professional Experience

  • Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center & Task Force Training Command

    Twenty Nine Palms, CA

    Teach acute care during live-fire assaults on mock enemy villages defended by OpFor specialists.

    Coordinate loading/unloading wounded on helicopters.

    Write detailed clinical and pre-diagnostic patient reports and student assessments.

  • Frontline deployment with squad in Decorated unit

    Sangin, Afghanistan

    Provided daily life support to Warriors and wellness to local residents while patrolling with 10-man squad in Taliban heroin area.

    Critical care to infantrymen as well as indigenous Afghans.

    Embrace varied languages, cultures and religious traditions.

    Field-treat, triage and “med-evac” multiple casualties, coalition and even enemy forces.

    Handle medical needs in forward patrol and operating areas.

    Work Battalion Aid Stations.

Education, Training & Certifications

  • Franklin University

    Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude)
    Major: Public Service Management
    Overall GPA: 3.51
  • Hocking College

    Associate’s with EMT/Fire focus
    Major: Independent Studies
    Overall GPA: 3.2
  • Certificates

    2009-2013, 2015: Nine FEMA-Course Certifications
    2014: Emergency Care & Safety Institute with 18 certifications in Advanced Life-Saving
    Ohio Firefighter II
    Wild-fire card
    Hazardous Materials trained & certified
    United States Marine Corps Combat Life Saving certification
    Combat Action Ribbon
    War on Terror Medal
    Exhaustive medical/military training
  • Training

    Contract acute-care medical instruction from National Association of EMTs
    SecFor International
    American Registry of Medical Assistants
    American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor

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   655 Metro Place S STE 600
Dublin, Ohio 43017


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