Important things to consider

Realistic Training


 TCCC training with realistic scenarios and the NAEMT standard 1/6 instructor to student ratio.  

Trained and taught by Someone who has saved lives with TCCC in actual combat

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When you are getting certified you should want an instructor who has proven himself and his skills in an actual Tactical situation.  Not only by reading a book.

Certification Comes with 1 year NAEMT Introductory Membership. Cert is NAEMT generated and logged.


If you are getting Certified it must be through an Instructor with a NAEMT Training Site and in accordance with NAEMT rules and regulations.  Otherwise your certification will mean nothing. It will just be worth the paper it is printed on. 16 CAPCE. Good for 3 years.  

Learn What Works and What Doesn't


Before you find yourself in a situation where Tactical Medicine matters, learn what really works and what is only a hypothetical 

Thorough Instruction

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Things are explained and shown until you have the knowledge you need

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes include lunch both days

Supplies provided

No additional Costs in the $350

Question? The answer might be found here.  If it isn't please feel free to send me a message.