About Me

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NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor # 383667

Tactical  Emergency Casualty Care Instructor (TECC)

NAEMT AHDR Instructor (All Hazards Disaster Response Instructor)

NAEMT PTEP Instructor (Patient Trauma in EMS Patients)

Ohio State Firefighter II and EMT #0137986

NREMT #E3311538

AHA BLS Instructor #07140263683

ARMA #418213 

OH State IV Infusion Cert


Franklin University

Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude)
Major: Public Service Management

Hocking College

Associate’s with EMT/Fire focus


Corpsman at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 

Corpsman 1/7 Suicide Charley Afghanistan Veteran

Why do I teach?

I teach B-Con (bleeding control) NAEMT PTEP (Psychlogical Trama in EMS Patients), NAEMT AHDR (All Hazards Disaster Response), NAEMT TECC/TCCAC/TCCC  because I know how it feels to be in an unpredictable situation or to happen upon a scene where training can make the difference in life and death.  The best way to be prepared is to train and to constantly learn.  

I want to do what I can to ensure that the people I train learn what I know because learning from someone that has actually done it and succeeded is different than learning from people who have read books or taken courses but never actually done it.  There are things that work, there are things that one would think might be good choices but being educated and trained make the difference when it matters most. 

I have also lost friends that could not be saved (IED blast) and in those situations we do the best we can to save and help who we can. I feel that I can use my life experiences to help other people, or they can be wasted. I choose to try and use them for good.